How Lucknow city will get boost with a tag “smart city”?

We are happy to see that city “Lucknow” is now in the list of top 100 smart cities mission. Experts say that Lucknow is one the fastest growing city in the country.

Definitely the move is good for the city and expected to help city see improvements in lifestyle and amenities. Health and hygiene is likely to improve in the future and we can see it is expected to generate lots of business opportunities, which will lead to higher employment.

According to recent Reserve Bank of India report, Lucknow saw the highest increase in the price of real estate in the country. Along with this Lucknow is a well connected city which has very good roads, rail and air connectivity. Lucknow is observing momentous growth in infrastructure; including Lucknow Metro, Indian Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and Vedanta with 1000 beds super specialty hospital with all the facilities that have made the city an authenticated toast for the real estate investors.

As per the experts, Lucknow is one of the fastest growing real estate markets, which offers wide options to the consumers, retailers, visitors and investors. It is good for the patrons as per the experts because in the coming future, people will invest the money into a real estate as this sector is a booming sector. As Government of India is launching many schemes and so many projects day by day so with all those services people start getting prompt and start investing in the coming projects as per the different seasons.

No doubt Lucknow will become a smart city with all the facilities and amenities made available for the people in the coming future. This will also affect the GDP of the state in an affirmative manner which helps the youngsters in job opportunity and better education.


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