How India is becoming one of the top nations for investors in Real Estate?

India is a country of principles, values, traditions and culture. Indian Culture is something which has now become prominent all across the world.  We all refer to this country and its culture as something very different and unique. But rarely do we give a thought to why things are done in certain specific ways. Indian Culture is full of several unique customs and traditions, which outsiders might find really fascinating.


Now in India real estate is a good investment option, not by taking control as returns will remain low when compared to cost of funding. Traditionally, there has been a high sympathy among Indians for physical assets such as precious metals, jewellery and real estate. This trend has been changing over the past few decades. There are various reasons. One important factor is that here it has been increasing due to the access of financial instruments constant populations living even in remote areas. Also, technology is providing banking solutions to reach remote areas and villages much faster, also making financial transactions easier and less expensive. With focus on direct financial support, opening of bank accounts is becoming compulsory for all, including those who were out of the banking circle so far. With these developments, the only reason left for an individual to invest in physical assets is for returns.

Overall, real estate is still a preferred investment method for Indians from the view of social status and financial stability. However, in a country where the population is rising at a quick pace, land and house prices have increased exponentially, more so in the primary cities.

Buyers have become significantly more educated about what works and what doesn’t in Indian real estate, and have been shying away from developers who do not appear to have the will or wherewithal to complete their projects in the promised timelines.

On the positive front, It is believed many new opportunities are opening up in Indian real estate because of initiatives such as smart cities, tourist circuits and infrastructure developments.


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