Why Lucknow is the new startup destination of Uttar Pradesh (lucknow)?

Lucknow is known for many other things besides its ‘tehzeeb’. Whether it is  history, politics, food, clothes, music, culture or a language these all together add an extra flavor to the charm of this city. Today, I am going to share with you how Lucknow will be the new startup destination of India?


Challenging the common perception that cities like Bangalore and Pune are the only places for tech startups, young entrepreneurs here are convinced about their reasons to choose Lucknow and how this city presents a unique opportunity. We should think how better this city can serve us with so many opportunities we never know when they will arrive.

People with an ordinary talent have a mindset that only big cities like Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai have many opportunities for youngsters and for unemployed people as they easily get the job for their work. They can fulfill their dreams in only big cities as they are more developed than the cities in which they are living. People do have a tendency that let them either explore or Ignore. Big dreams can only be fulfill if the city is easy to offer jobs to unemployed which results it into increased employment rate.

Lucknow is a beautiful city where you can fulfill your dreams. It a city where the digital future is going to come with ample amount of employment to the unemployed people. Yes it is true that Lucknow now is somewhere at the developing stage but in the next few years it will be the fastest growing city among the compared cities in Uttar Pradesh. People with the business mind set can too prepare themselves for doing business in this city because it is the only city where the market is large enough to sell the things easily to the people.  You can start any type of business here but you have to sure yourself that what is the need and what is the type where you can meet the desires needs, wants of the customer. Make sure that what you will do will be based on the interest of the people keeping in mind the profit of the month and the expenses which you have to bear at the end of the month or on a daily basis. The type of business which you can do in city Lucknow are Real Estate, Teaching, Dealership, IT, Digital Marketing.


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