Lucknow Changed: An Art City to a Smart City

imageLucknow however a headline for every writer that is “Who’s Luck Now?’ Luck Now or Never. These two unusual words give a glimpse to the city Lucknow. This time the city is being seeing many visits of different political parties. This time is high time in Lucknow as there are election 2017 is going on. The city is surrounded with so many people living their life for the sake and hoping for the best government.

Lucknow is considered to be one of the oldest city, it’ been came to know from the facts that it was the city of Lord Lakshmana who was the brother of Lord Rama the son of Ayodhya City. All we relate with here religion.

On the second phase the lucknow came to be known for Mughali Taste. It’s minarets, Mughali food, Nawabi Dress “Sherwani” and so called the tradition was famous in this Awadh city. It’s main monuments like Bada  Imambara, Chota Imambara, Peeli Kothi are adding the shine to this entire city. The Tehzeeb so called the “accent” of Lucknow had come from the Mughali period, which can be easily seen and feel through the way the people welcomes you with the title so called “Muskuraiye Aap Lucknow Main Hain”

On the third phase that is developing phase Lucknow people are expecting a lot this high time due to U.P. elections. People of Lucknow are expecting to have high rise buildings, green grass parks, IT City, Film City, International Stadium and the most important thing the Better Management Colleges. Lucknow as a capital of Uttar Pradesh will be soon emerging as the fastest growing city among the other cities in Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow for the Lucknowites is a city of dreams where they can enjoy in the dusk, or where they can play or do yoga in the dawn. People of Lucknow are called themselves as Nawabs as the flair and the touch of Mughali can be seen easily in the area of Old Lucknow that is Chowk.

From these 3 Phases Lucknow is considered to be as one of the city whose spark and the poetry taste will never fade away.


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