What makes International Women’s Day so special in India?

Where most of the women are busy in day to day life activities, they do not know that I am writing my views on them positively on this big day that is ‘’Women’s Day’’. First true of all guys you tell that why do we celebrate women’s day only and not men’s day?

womens day

Bingo! You are right. The people around us are a combination of good habits and bad habits. Most of the Indian men are like they love their wife but they cannot stop themselves by making tantrums and looking helpless so as to make their work done by their sweet wife refers to be known as homemaker.

There is a big reason in celebrating women’s day as any country whether it is going through political scenario, economical scenario or social scenario without the support of a woman nothing is possible and woman decision is must before executing any action or implementing it. From class monitor to a cabinet minister involvement of a woman is really important as she is a perfect example to get fit in every role.

Woman plays the important role in day to day life as:

  • She is the one who calls you and ask for the wallet, keys, watch
  • She is the one who supports you in each and every decision related to financial, social, political background.
  • She is the one who tells you that what to do and what to not.
  • She is the one who never dishearten you even when in the bad time of your life.
  • She is the one who takes care of everything right from the nail clipper to your business documents.

Being a woman is a blessing from God. Women are strong and not so easily broken by circumstances of life. They cry in their hearts yet retain beautiful smiles on their faces. I must say that there is nota single problem that they cannot handle.

I am really impressed by those respectful women which today have become the great examples for other women’s too.


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