Understand the Importance of Water

On this special day I would like to draw the attention of people towards the special day that “World water day”. On this day I would like top highlight the topics and the facts which are related to water. Guys I am not the only person who is writing a blog today, along with me there are so many bloggers who might have been write down before me and post on their Facebook walls. But I must tell that my blog going to be a very different from them, as it will have a blend of the beautiful banks from where the water passes in the form of river.

World Water Day

Guys have you ever think that why Indian rivers are more polluted as compare to other countries. One of the top rivers that is the river Ganges emerges from the mountains at Rishikesh; hen debouches onto the Gangetic Plain at the pilgrimage town of Haridwar.

It is not the river Ganga which is so polluted now days, same is happening with all the rivers that flows from Uttrakhand and passes through Haridwar, Varanasi and Lucknow. Guys you say why we are polluting rivers, we know it is a custom and it is a belief that we should sink the material that is related to worship of God and Goddess, but that doesn’t mean that we start polluting the river. In fact we are not polluting the river, but we are polluting the water which we surely need in the coming future. We are also using more AC for our comfort and to have a feel of cool air, but do you think that we are the one who are responsible for reduction in trees. As a result it is increasing global warming, which affect the green house and also the glaciers present in the Antarctic region.

Guys if we want to survive then we should start saving water, do more plantations work that is start planting more trees, more trees more cool air. As a result if we start cleaning rivers then the day is no longer when we have the cleanest river area and the rivers too in our country. We should also run a campaign on drinking safe water, as guys you even do not know that people install the fake water filter machines just to make money from the uneducated people and fill their pockets. We should create awareness among the people that do purchase water purifier machine and install them.

“Save water, Water will save your generations”


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